The Team(s)

The project team consists of three groups described below – the Research Team, the Watershed Partners Team, and the Watershed Adaptation Corps.

Research Team

The research team is composed of researchers from Drexel University, the Water Center at the University of Pennsylvania and Hunter College.

Watershed Adaptation Corps

The Watershed Adaptation Corps (WAC) is a newly created Corps consisting of individuals from across the watershed and who will be trained and employed by the project team. Over the course of the project, the Corps will work to:

  • Identify watershed residents’ top priorities for climate change adaptation;
  • Develop a systems model that represents stressors facing the watershed communities and potential adaptation co-benefits; and
  • Identify key factors and conditions that will determine achievable green infrastructure implementation rates and patterns.
WAC Members

  • Rachel Zobel: Rachel is located right outside of the Darby-Cobbs watershed and has experience working on various projects within the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a Master of Environmental Studies in Environmental Biology, and is currently earning her PhD in Water Science and Policy. With storms and flood events becoming more frequent, the need to address challenges and find solutions to adapt to the impacts of these events are more crucial than ever. When the opportunity to join the Watershed Adaptation Corps became available, it was a no-brainer for Rachel to get involved and work collaboratively with the community to be a part of the solution.
  • Eva Bacmeister: I moved to the Cedar Park neighborhood in 2020 just before starting a Master’s in Water Science and Policy at the University of Delaware. I am currently completing my graduate research which explores the impacts of storms on stream biogeochemistry in the White Clay Creek watershed. Before this, I worked as a technician for several years on a number of stream ecology research projects. I hope to continue working in stream ecosystems in a research and conservation capacity, especially on projects that prioritize community needs and engagement. I am excited to serve my community through the Darby-Cobbs initiative and learn how to build resilience in our local watershed.
  • Liz Shepherd: Hey ya’ll I’m Liz! I’m located in University City and graduated from University of Delaware a few years ago with a degree in Environmental Engineering. I’m just starting my career as an engineer and want to get involved with the community using my experience in water resources. I’m excited to see where this project goes!
  • Mario Cimino: Mario Cimino is a lifelong resident of Morton and the Darby Cobbs watershed.  He is an Environmental Scientist who has engaged in watershed stewardship work in the public, nonprofit, and consulting spheres over the past 25 years.  Mario is also an active community organizer who previously served as Morton Borough Council President and has worked with many local environmental organizations.  As a member of the Watershed Adaptation Corps, Mario is looking forward to using both his community and technical backgrounds as a liaison between the Resilient Darby Cobbs program, local leaders, and residents throughout the watershed.
  • Eileen SanPedro

Watershed Partners Team

The Watershed Partners Team (WPT) is a group of governmental and non-governmental representatives throughout the watershed invited to convene quarterly in collaborative team meetings to build and iterate on a dynamic and participatory systems model to explore feasible opportunities to implement green infrastructure to reduce flood risk.

A Watershed Partners Team Advisory Committee was formed to advise the research team. The Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Jamie Anderson, Eastern Delaware County Stormwater Collaborative
  • Joanne Dahm, Water Center at UPenn
  • Carolyn Moseley, Eastwick United
  • Ted Pickett, Eastwick United
  • Paul Racette, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Jaclyn Rhoads, Darby Creek Valley Association
  • Patrick Starr, Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Shandor Szalay, Water Center at UPenn
  • Earl Wilson, Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition
  • Leonard Stewart, Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition
  • Marina Granieri, Philadelphia Office of Sustainability
  • Anne Stauffer, Delaware County Planning Department
  • Karen Wilwol, Delaware County Conservation District
  • Derron LaBrake, Darby Creek Valley Association
  • Andrea Welker, Villanova University
  • Josh Barber, EPA Region 3
  • J. Samantha Burton, PA Department of Environmental Protection
  • Rick Trailes, Natural Lands Trust
  • Amy Verbofsky, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Mel Musie alternate, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Christiana Pollack, Princeton Hydro
  • Margie Reinhart (chair), Radnor Township EAC
  • Cara Lynch (chair), Easttown EAC
  • Kate Goddard, Easttown EAC
  • Paloma Villa, Lower Merion Township
  • Brian Vadino, Montgomery County Conservation district
  • Sharon Elwell, Upper Darby Township EAC
  • Bonnie Hallam, Upper Darby Township EAC
  • Dan Schupsky, Philadelphia Water Department
  • Anthony Bastian, Upper Darby Tree Tenders
  • Bonnie Hallam, Upper Darby Tree Tenders
  • Larissa Mogano, Cobbs Creek Neighbors Association
  • Maurine McGeehan, Lower Merion Conservancy 
  • Fred Stine, Delaware Riverkeeper, EFNC
  • Brigid Payne, Delaware County Emergency Services
  • Larry Bak, Delaware County Emergency Services